• Why did I name the website Painting Café? Everyone loves to relax at a café and read or admire art. I want my website to have the same effect, a place to feel relaxed and enjoy other artists paintings. Nothing else, just pure relaxation and art love.

  • Why did I create the Painting Café? We live in a digital world where everyone wants everything instantly without love. We no longer have patience for anything making us obnoxious without realizing it. We don't even know how to say thank you when someone takes their time to make us a good cup of coffee with love. Good things are created with patience and time like a masterpiece. Only lazy people are satisfied with instant coffee and instant things—I prefer mine to be made with love. My painting app will help you relax and realize that with patience, anyone can create a masterpiece that will last forever when created with love.

  • What does the acronym PAL on the painting app stand for? "Painting Art with Love". The puppet character or host of this site is named Ai, in Japanese it means love. I want this paint app to be your pal to help you relax and find your inner creative artist awaiting to shine with lots of love.

  • How long did it take to come up with this idea of the website and drawing app? Too long. I now have gray hairs on my sideburns and they used to be black when I had this idea. I hired developers after developers, and one even passed away (Kevin). The important thing it's finished and I didn't rush it, it was made with years of thought and love.

  • Why is there no photo of the CEO President of this website? I am too handsome. No, seriously, I am far too good looking and I do not want to draw attention to myself. I like to live simple and drama-free. I made this for my neighbors (everyone on earth) to enjoy for free. I do not want any glory, all glory goes to Jehovah for helping me and my web team get this wonderful project finally finished with love.

  • Who may join? Everyone. All I ask is that you be respectful and do not abuse your account or it will be deleted and you'll never be allowed back again under the same username or email. Tough love.

  • Will there be a membership and how much? No, never ever. No hidden fees, no sign up one-time low monthly payment. No trail run. The site and paint app PAL will always be 100% free forever. Even if I sell it, there will be a clause that the site and painting app must and always remain free 100% to the public. Yes, I will turn down 100 million dollars if the offer does not include this policy written and signed in permanent ink and love.

  • Why does the website look like it was designed by a 5yr old? I find that flattering because kids nowadays are born with tablets in their hands - they are so smart. The site looks simple but it has lots of thought behind it to keep navigation easy and practical. Plus, it's homemade, all organic code created from scratch. This site is 100% organic—no biohazard code was used in the making. 100% made with love.